Nordkapp – All Good Things…

The ship came into Newcastle this nothing at 1015. I had been ready with everything packed and back in my riding kit for over an hour beforehand. It was sunny on the east coast but pretty chilled.

Latching onto the Hadrian’s route, it was nice. Oddly quite emotional for no reason why. I was back in kind of home soil. Everyone was driving on the wrong side of the road again and the amount of spaces bikes receive on the road was next nothing one more. Even other cyclists, back in a land where again no one seems to have a clue that we ride in the left on bike paths just like we do on the roads. But it’s home, all the craziness is home.

Getting back to Keswick at the end of the day and having just enough time to drop into KMB Towers and spoil the sweep on what was going to kill me by getting back in kind of one bit 😁

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Written on May 29th, 2019 by Allan