Nordkapp – Diabetic excursions…

I kind of gave a clue to where I was going this morning on social media and why I was so light with the distance today… I’ll be making up for that tomorrow.

Yep, Novo Nordisk HQ! Even before I saw the building, as soon as I rolled onto the street I could smell I was in the right place. The “small” factory on the campus that still makes insulin which as all diabetics know has it’s own unique scent is pretty noticeable.

I was so fortunate to get the chance to meet the team behind the pro cycling team and discuss thier plans with the Cycle for Cities coming up next month in the UK and how the teams been performing recently. Lancet as always got plenty of attention, as always wherever she goes for being such a unique steed and whenever any cyclist starts to see spot all her tricks.

I was given some pointers to places around the city which hold historical references to the company and keeping us diabetics alive, which I had to visit and get a few pictures before moving on to the more classic visit to Copenhagen photo places.

Tomorrow we head south once more. The squirrel has itchy feet again and it’s time that we got rolling and heading to Germany.

Written on May 20th, 2019 by Allan