Nordkapp – Windy day…

Starting out this morning the weather was nice again, a little chilled compared with yesterday and I had buckets of sun tan lotion on to try and protect my very lobster arms after yesterday.About an hour in the rain started as forecast and didn’t relent until after 1. This gave my Shakedry jacket it’s first proper test, and it was stunning. Best jacket there is, end of story. Wind was also becoming a problem catching my panniers and making it treacherous at times on busy roads. Nothing like being knocked sideways by nature while on a 70kph road.Eventually hiding in the woods the cycle track continued nicely, the squirrel loved at the pine cones on the trail. Then along the coast but that was hard going with the end again, before it latched onto a motorway service station which gave a great opportunity to grab lunch and use the facilities. While shovelling down lunch the two Norwegians from yesterday rode past but didn’t notice me.Early afternoon my Dexcom sensor (a gadget that’s inserted into my arm which is used to constantly show blood glucose levels) gave up completely, day 6 also do not a happy bunny. With the rain I wasn’t going to go pannier diving or stripping off my layers to change it at the time, it would have to wait till later (replacement sensor in now and on 2hr warm up). But that’s the second on this trip so far which means I only have the one in me and a spare now to last until I return home, and I’ve three more countries to deal with! I know I asked Dexcom support when I ordered this batch of sensors about temperatures when they are stored, but it is making me wonder do I have a duff batch or has the Arctic caused them issues?! So having 6.5 and an up arrow was all I was going to see on my Bontrager / Garmin Edge 1030 now between finger tests, which are a right mess in rainstorms to say the least. The G6 is an integral part of my rides, it’s something that makes daft adventures like this possible and when it’s gone it really adds an anchor to progress.By mid afternoon the wind had got horrendous with a 15-20 mph head wind with gusts on top of it. Very slow going, massive energy sapping and hugely depleting of moral. As the rain came back I hid in my GORE WEAR kit and ploughed on all snug and dry. The 1985 Shakedry Viz jacket is simpy incredible at how much gets thrown at it and literally rolls off leaving you snug inside, but not cooking off either. Fantastic piece of kit!While the rain continued, the wind gusting I slowly ground my way up the big climb of the day. 8km of it at 6%. I saw many roadies out coming the other way, none going up the way I was. Finally reaching the top and being able to find the 10 tooth and unleash it on the descent was worth the climb, just letting things go and with the shear mass with the bags the descent was soon dispatched.6km left outside of Angelholm while having a break after the descent, getting my bearings and a quick drink. The two Norwegians from yesterday rolled up. It seems they were having a break on the big climb when I past them. They were pressing on tonight to try and get another 15km in before calling it. We had a discussion on the route, the big climbs and a great bike tech chat after they saw my rather electrified dash. They were hoping for an 11am crossing into Denmark tomorrow, not so sure on me but I suspect more noon ish really. But can but see how things pan out tomorrow. Wouldn’t mind actually spending another day in Sweden and save the crossing till Sunday, but guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Written on May 17th, 2019 by Allan