Nordkapp – Roller coaster day…

Today’s been an odd one. BG wise it was a bit of a roller coaster in the morning until it settled down. Highs and lows. Always fun to keep managed. Lunch seemed to reset it nicely. My speed is finally improving, I guess my legs are finally returning, distance not there as yet but it’s also improving. My mind though, maybe it’s the BG’s or maybe it’s just me being alone on the road and it starts coming up with things…

And so let me introduce you all to International Touring Bike Racing, first round in Scandinavia with Gothenburg to Copenhagen. The entries, a nutty Brit, two Norwegians, a Frenchie and a Belgian. So how did this all kick off, will it was just before 12 and I had decided after my bouncing BG’s to sit down on the route leaving Kungsbacka to make some lunch at a picnic spot. Two tourers (the Norwegians) roll by, very lightly kitted and waving hi but not stopping. Mid lunch, another tourer rolls by, I say hi and get “angleterre you slow”…(the Frenchie), no elderberries though! So finishing lunch, BG’s in the 8’s, packed and on the move again.

Today’s route was along the Kattegattleden down the West coast of Sweden. It’s a nice route which goes on and off roads and cycle paths and is pretty well maintained. A bit of head wind was a pain, as was the serious sun which I think had singed me a touch but guess we’ll see that tomorrow. Plowing down the road on Lancet amazing free rolling and the insanity of her 569% gearing (yes I know it’s been reduced from the 599% she was packing to improve reliability) she does have a range that can out match anything not seriously custom. And so Mr Frenchie got passed… The load freewheeling of the Hopes closing from a distance are very preditory as it closes. By mid afternoon I met up with the two Norwegians and we had a great chat for a while. They are pretty much matching my daily plan from Gothenburg to Copenhagen. They were in a crazy tonight as the place they were staying had a 6pm last check-in, I let them race off as my legs were beginning to fade for the day but we agreed to look out for each other on the road tomorrow and maybe ride together.

As the heat of the day really started to drain me, I needed to restock on supplies so nipped into a Co-op, yep, they have them here! It was an interesting experience. Probably one of the strangest things was everyone got filtered to one checkout, that was it. And when you pay with a note, that went into a machine and behind you are change gets fired out like some one arm bandit machine. It was quiet quirky.

Nearing Falkenberg I bump into the Belgian fellow pictured. Guys trying to go everywhere in Europe, winging jobs wherever he gets to for a night. Not sure why the Danish flag though, forgot to ask. We had a good game of going through different kit.

One of the nicest things about being on a bike, and on tours like this. While I might be wearing my pancreas (pump) on my sleeve, and my Dexcom clearly visible on the other arm. No one asks, no one comments. I’m just another cyclists doing a tour like them. D doesn’t matter, all that does is the road you are riding!

Written on May 16th, 2019 by Allan