Nordkapp – Welcome to Sweden…

(Very diabetic heavy installment today, just a warning)

Woke up sky high, yes the epic sized pizza I got last night was probably involved from last night but I’ve been using insane levels since Nordkapp. I was blaming injury or maybe resistance (hope not). But triple and sometimes six times my normal level wasn’t good. So I changed my cannula and also switched to me back up vial of insulin, had breakfast and set off.

By mid morning everything was correcting itself nicely and in the mid 7’s the pump was suspended so I could burn neat…it remained off for the next 7 hours. My BG’s though never got over 4 in that time, even after inhaling a small mountain of gels, a camping meal, an energy bar… basically today I’ve so far had 345g of carbs (so far) on a total, including basal of 3u of insulin.

So ignoring the background diabetic baggage. The ride kicked off great, had the legs and put in plenty of distance. My goal was Sweden for lunch, accomplished! Even the cycle paths improved. No longer sitting beside major roads today had lovely break roads, scenic waterways, fields very reminiscent of France, some insane bridges, single track (yes Lancet is quite whippy on the loose stuff), gravel roads, the lot. It was great!

Found a place selling huts, like the ones that are common here for fishing etc, but wow they had some fancy ones. Two story huts, smart huts, huts which have retractable walls.

The crossing into Sweden over a VERY tall peace bridge was as ever a fun experience for Mr Vertigo. The wonders of no one bothering to man “hard borders” was amusing as ever, just like Switzerland! The lack of continued cycle lane from the Norwegian side to the Swedish side was irritating as hell though. Really didn’t want to be on a major road even for a few km until bikes were pointed off into the woods… Much nicer!

While in the woods found an interesting little memorial. Just in the middle of nowhere. I found in interesting as one of those things someone driving past wouldn’t notice.

So, with fighting my BG’s all day, only getting 100km in, not a bad but not the worst day. The calorie meter was doing it’s nut, but suspect I’ve more than made up for that in gels. Roll on tomorrow!

Written on May 14th, 2019 by Allan