Nordkapp – Leaving Oslo and going south…

Well, that is best described as slow. Well off the pace I need to be at. Yes I’m carrying a fair bit but this is insanely slow going.

The morning didn’t start to well either, I slept in so it was a slow get away and breakfast at the hotel was rather lacking (an apple, a yogurt and an apple juice), so much for fuelling up for a ride!

I’ve never liked city traffic, and while this is one of the better cities for biking in its still a total pain in the rear. Eventually I managed to climb out of Oslo to a great view over looking the harbour and most of the city. The route eventually split from the road and went into the woods, where a certain squirrel felt right at home. It was a nice path shared with horses and plenty of other bikes which was great to see.

Over the initial climb things got very rolling but the bike paths became seriously dreary. I’ve spent like 4-5 hours on bike paths beside motorways and major roads. Ok yes, it’s brilliant having the bike infastructure but sheesh it was so monotonous. No cheeky little trails or anything, they just went on and on!

My lack of decent fueling want helping at all. I lost so much ground to where I should be. My legs feel as if they have plenty of go in them, the rest of me not so much. I was half asleep on the bike. Part of me was wanting to push on for another 3 or so hours, but in the end thought sod it. Stop here, find a nice cafe and feed up for tomorrow. And get a decent breakfast in the morning and proper food stops on the way not having to survive on cliff bars and gels like today due to the motorway monotony.

One nice thing though, I was in my Team Type 1 kit all day today, and while sitting on a cycle path checking bloods got a nice cheer and bleeping horns off a bus driver (and no I wasn’t blocking him). Always good when the jersey gets recognised.

I had set a goal of making Sweden today… I’m nowhere near! Not a happy bunny, or squirrel! 😟 Tomorrow is an early morning exit and pushing on over the border before lunch time is the plan!

Written on May 13th, 2019 by Allan