Nordkapp – Getting back on track…

I’ve made it to Bergen, and it’s really pretty, really cobbly, really hilly, lots of bikes, amazing open spaces, a really stunning place. An incredible city!

I put a bottle of Stan’s in the front wheel as it’s been slowly deflating ever since it flew over. Hopefully it’ll be the end of it and it’ll be all good from now on. Lancet is looking as battered as I am. I’m not sure it’s all because of the utter amount of mess left from the ice, snow and slush but I need to find somewhere so I can spend a couple of hours for a proper clean up and oiling (chain is actually doing well but best to considering). Visible damage though it’s a fair bit, I’m going to need a pair of hoods for my shifters as both look like they’ve been down the road, which only one has! The silver panel on the left shifter is pretty much scratched to white nylon now, and think both need some touch up paint for major scuffs on the levers ☹️ Running wise, the Hope’s are clicking and the shifting is as smooth as ever thanks to Di2.

Culturally this city works. Like all Norwegian towns and cities I’ve seen. Not sure if it’s the culture or government control, or just the geography which makes it so different but it is amazing how all these places have fully functional high streets. They work, multiple shops of various types, internet competition doesn’t seem to exist. It’s like the early 90s in Britain. No large out of town places either. Whatever it is that is doing it, hope they continue with it and the rest of us can copy it. It really does make the place buzz with life on the main streets with people shopping, browsing, having fun.

The art and statutes in town. Some modern some classical, but done in such a way they compliment each other with many being interactive, to sit on, to climb on! Little ones which in Britain people would be suing each other over as health and safety hazards are down below knee height and look amazing. Rocks and ponds for kids to play on, in the middle of town! No crash mats, or fencing, we are talking proper boulders in ponds and parents allowing their children to play on them. It’s so refreshing from the claim culture which we have sadly descended to at home. Kids can play, and possibly get hurt and everyone is fine with it, it’s very refreshing to see how it should be.

Moving on to Oslo. Crossing most of Norway and going through some spectacular scenery, it was an incredible journey if rather slow. The heights of the climbs and the deep snow even this far south is very much like the north again. The changes from the crags and harsh beauty near the western coast contrasting with the flat farm lands and forests around Oslo.

Oslo is very alien to the rest of Norway that I’ve experienced. If anything it’s kind of a odd mash of Paris and London. Crowded, hectic, too much of it all really. Not looking forward to the first 30km of tomorrow’s ride going through Monday morning silliness in a capital city. I might aim for a very early escape.

Injury wise, I’ve avoided using the Tramadol completely and I’m now on under half the dose of paracetamol I was on. Things hurt at times but needs must and we’ve still 2/3rds of this ride left to do!

Written on May 12th, 2019 by Allan