Nordkapp – Still moving, kind of

After the first couple of days with mother nature throwing everything she had at me, I hid in a nice hotel room in Honnigsvag (lovely little town that’s further north than the entirety of Alaska). Think I actually surprised the couple who own it, the snow covered bashed cyclist coming through the door looking for a room.

The stay was very needed and gave me a chance to explore the local town a little as well. Something I’ve noticed here is no I’ve can make cake, it’s always crunchy and hard. Chocolate brownie? I could hammer nails in with it. It’s very odd. And then there are the main dishes here, mostly fish based, but everywhere served fish tongues, everywhere! And whale! They are meant to be protected not on the menus around town! And reindeer, which is come off it, I’ve just see you in the snow after your epic migratory swim in and off the island here…ok I got the dried meat platter which ended up being mostly reindeer which was like a peppery beef really…oopsy!

Getting further south again the ship reached Tromsø and I was able to get off the ship for a few hours to visit a small medical centre on the docks. I’ve fractured my shoulder blade. Collar bone is alright this time though. In typical doctor do this and that I’m not allowed on a bike for 6 weeks!

Well in 4 day’s time this boat reaches port and me I’m back on bike and back on schedule. I’ve a pack full of pain killers and it’s not like I’m a footballer or anything. The squirrel is of course fed up, of spending more time on a boat than a bike but hey, needs must at the moment!

So, as a riding blog this is going to be rather quiet again until the weekend. Yes, it is infuriating me also but we’ll be rolling soon I’m sure of it!

Written on May 7th, 2019 by Allan