Tour Divide – Tracker Failure

For all those tracking Philippa at the moment, we’ve heard that the GPS tracker has crashed. She’s not trapped anywhere, stopped or been eaten by bears or anything. Just seems to be a crashed tracker with a big red flashy light which will hopefully be back and operational again soon. Just letting everyone know as we’ve had concerned calls to KMB towers and after getting hold of Philippa, we can confirm all is ok, no worries!

Had an update off Philippa after restarting the tracker which is correctly working once more. They’ve had to take a diversion off the course down a highway to the Cuba checkpoint due to forest fires along the normal routes trails through the forests. A lot of riders have made it to the Cuba checkpoint so it seems there should be a rather large group setting off tomorrow (later today UK time). Only other concern seems to be that Philippa now has a slick rear tyre and 170 miles until the next bike shop. She has described it as “lots of fun” on the descents, we are all now nail-biting that it’ll last until a replacement can be found!

Written on July 3rd, 2018 by Staff Minion