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Electric Bikes

Keswick Bikes has been supplying e-bikes to a wide variety of riders for well over a decade. With our experience in the different types of drive systems, motors, and manufacturers we are able to find the system which best suits your riding style and needs.

We stock a wide range of pedal-assisted bikes from leading manufacturers and also offer a hire service for you to experience these bikes first hand.

Whyte, Trek, and Giant are currently our key e-bike brands whilst Haibike and SpecializedĀ also producing great bikes that we can supply. Every bike we sell uses a Pedelec System, where the pedalling activates an adjustable torque converter which then powers the electric assist with your choice of eco, standard or sport mode.

Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano currently offer state of the art performance options and when mounted in the frame’s bottom bracket area give the best combination of balance, control and efficiency.

We endeavour to offer customers the options of trying out the different bikes and systems and also have a number of hireĀ and demonstration e-bikes available throughout the year.

To take advantage of our years of experience by making an appointment to visit the shop at your convenience.

Written on December 7th, 2017 by sysadmin