JamesJames BellChief Mechanic
James joined Keswick Bikes in 2015. As he says; “after years of working in other workshops I finally achieved my ambition to work at the best!”. You will find James riding all manner of bikes from downhill rigs to tandems (on the Fred with the Mrs!) and he has an absolute passion for all kinds of bike adventure. His strength and skill with all things bike are evident in the workshop, possibly the hardest working and most helpful mechanic in the world! Oh, and good luck trying to match his Strava times!
Currently riding: Specialized S-Works Enduro / Specialized Stumpjumper / Specialized Diverge / Salsa Powderkeg
AlexAlex GibsonLead MTB Customer Service
Possibly the happiest man on Earth!!! Alex brings a wealth of knowledge from both the outdoors and many years as YHA Warden in the Lakes to Keswick Bikes. The shop just wouldn’t be the same without him! The Geordie accented 29er loving local legend himself! Just don’t be too surprised if he asks you to “do a chore” before leaving with your goodies!
Currently riding: Trek Stache / Whyte 629
EugeneEugene Du PreezRoad Bike Manager
Eugene is our long-standing (suffering?) manager of the road department. Don’t be deceived by his relaxed nature as behind the scenes, Eugene brings a wealth of knowledge to the KMB team and loves everything drop-barred with skinny wheels, but can also be found occasionally on the local Fells with his very bling Lynskey hardtail MTB. His other passion is writing poetry, perhaps a sign that still waters run (very) deep.
Currently riding: Trek Emonda / Lynskey MT29 / Cannondale SuperSix
AnnAnn PretswellQueen of the Mountains
Our very own Queen of the Mountains (according to Strava) and triple survivor of the Fred Whitton Challenge. Apart from being KMB’s most prolific female cyclist, for the style gurus amongst you, an appointment with Ann is an absolute must. Our very own home crafting specialist, she is also the person to see about home baking and dogs treats.
Currently riding: Trek Domane WSD / Specialized Stumpjumper / Cotic Soul
AllanAllan RutlandIn-House Nerd
Where does one begin with Allan? Road, tour or just out cycling for a bit of fun in the mud with his cyclocross bike. He combines an eclectic mix of touring around Europe or Britain, sleeping on roadsides or in bus shelters as the mood takes him and generally heading in the direction of many random bike related destinations. Last year he disappeared for a couple of weeks only to re-emerge with a beautiful hand-made frame which he constructed at Geoff Robert’s workshop (of Roberts Cycles) which he named; ‘Lancet’. His many other talents include websites and computers in general for which he is always in great demand.
Currently riding: Home-made steel tubed Lancet / Trek Fuel / Genesis Croix De Fer / Crazy Fast Italian “Beasty”
DanDaniel ParsonsEverything Beard, Weird and Yogurty
Mountain biking, cross biking or swinging from Lakeland crags or aiding the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue in his spare time. When at KMB, he can usually be found in the workshop helping James with the variety of technical challenges any modern bike shop has to deal with. It is rumoured he has the largest collection of reflectors and bells ever attached to his bike at one time, but all we can be certain of is that he is currently masterminding Keswick Bike’s test & demo ride events. Oh, he also knows how to fell trees…!
Currently riding: “A bright pink” Specialized Enduro / Genesis Croix De Fer / British Nepalese Steel Sounding “Thing”
AdamAdam AndersonShortest Short Shorts in the Land
Fell runner come mountain biker now venturing into the land of road bikes! Famed for his short shorts for running and a voracious appetite for books on history, he has quickly become one of KMB’S most valued staff members! Known in store for his quest for knowledge, if not on the shop floor, you will find him in the workshop finding out how the latest biking gizmo works putting his life on the line daring to find new innovative ways to wind up the mechanics.
Currently riding: Specialized Diverge / Odd Green Machine / Specialized Enduro “his unicorn”
AmosAmos DoronHe Who is in Charge!
KMB was started in March 1992 by Amos, which means this is what can happen to someone after twenty years of being self-employed… pretty scary! Still riding his lovely Specialized Roubaix on the road and his favourite ever MTB the one and only Trek Stache 29+.
Currently riding: Many many bikes with engines and without. So many we can’t even list them all!