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Keswick Bikes’ Goes Gravelling

Giving our own bikes a good workout is always fun, and with nearly everyone now having a gravel bike in their collections it was time to take them out on a KMB adventure together.

So we grabbed out tents, tarps, and food in a bag and took to the fells.

The fun of a good ride, the weather against your skin, and the laughs of your friends as you set up camp in the middle of nowhere and prep up your dinner without a kitchen insight. Staying up to the later hours nattering into the evening, but still being up as soon as the sun wakes you in the morning.

With scenes like this on our doorstep, we don’t even need to venture much further away than our local fells and watch the sunset and rise over our amazing location.

If you are planning an adventure yourself, drop in and have a chat with any of the KMB staff who would love to discuss adventures and kit with you.

Written on September 5th, 2021 by Allan