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Bucking the Trend

Bike supply is still very problematic currently, but we are continuing to buck the trend by having huge forward orders and plenty of bikes stored for the season, and we hope to meet all your Autumn, Winter, and Christmas needs! With even the Welsh-made Frog bikes now being stockpiled by ourselves ready for the holiday season, and a good supply of Trek Marlins and Specialized Rockhoppers also being stockpiled ready to keep your little one, and yourself ready to take to the trails over the coming months. With prices expected to rise again over the coming months, it’s probably best not to hang around if you are looking for a new steed!

Adding a touch of electric to things, we also have a good supply of the incredible Specialized Vado SL ebike…yes THE BEST there is for hybrid electric, and we’ll have a supply of those coming in over the next couple of month so well worth dropping in and reserving one before they vanish quick! On the electric mountain side of things, we have actual Specialized Levo and Whyte E-160’s IN STOCK and on the floor ready to go! With more to come throughout the Autumn/Winter season. And for road and gravel electric, we have the amazing Specialized Creo’s available from stock! The electric road bike feels like a real road bike on the flat and destroys the passes for you when you come to them.

Written on September 5th, 2021 by Allan