Nordkapp – What happens when a bike tour goes awry…

Well, before the trip I went through a mountain of options for weather delays and days off, and how to make up speed here and there, but I didn’t actually have any major solution to the if I couldn’t ride possibility. It was never going to happen was it, until it did!

So, here I was (with a couple of fractured ribs etc according to the doc) needing a way to continue and not lose to much ground. The only option from the tiny island in the middle of nowhere was by ship, or a Hurtigruten as the locals referred to them as after the company running then. And so tying up the bike for a few days in the car deck while I nurse my injuries in comfort.

I’m not complaining, ok I am. But while everyone else on the ship is loving being able to look out at the wonderful sights; mountains, fjords, sea eagles, whales, snow topped peaks, twisty roads, tiny little wooden towns, all from the lovely warmth and comfort of seeing it all go past from a comfortable lounge. I was meant to be out there, in it! I’m actually finding the incredible views a bit of a reminder of failure that I’m not actually there and I’m hiding only seeing it behind glass. I’m feeling completely like a third wheel here, not fitting in at all. Ok, my third wheeliness isn’t probably being helped as since I was on a bike tour I only brought one set of normal clothes for use on the plane and ferry home…not numerous days back to back. However great a KMB t-shirt is, it does get rather reindeer like after a couple of days! (It takes longer than all night to dry, we need some quick dry ones please Amos!).

Anyhow, the extra rest time has allowed me to take in some alternative sights and they have been spectacular. Meet and great folks including the couple I shared a taxi to the docs with (family complained at me to see a doctor again). Nothing much to report on that side but that the difficulty I’ve had in breathing when I use the stairs instead of the lift in the ship is because of a very tiny fracture in my top two ribs. The doc gave me pain killers and really it’s one of those things you have to get on with.

I guess I kind of feel like the King Crabs in the fish tank in the ships A La Carte restaurant, which are on sale now as we near port so I guess their days are numbered (actually everyone ignored them and they made the entire trip…no idea on thier future though). They just want out of their tank and one of them has been trying silly hard for that last few days and still not given up. At least I’ll be back on a bike soon again and seeing what my injuries are like unlike these poor fellows in the tank.

Written on May 10th, 2019 by Allan