Nordkapp – To the start we go!

Considering how early I got in last night, I did surprise myself that I was up so early. The hotel ticked the boxes, cheap, comfy, and it has bikes hanging on the walls. Nice place if the view was a little industrial. But I’ve had worse and usually far more expensive and less comfy.

I made my way to Tromsø Outdoor. Always good dealing with your LBS even when you aren’t local yourself and they were great. Always good to have a little shop talk and listen in on the workshop breaking the coffee machine… Than fixing it 😂 So familiar to home! These folks are great though and a massive thank you for taking care of Lancet and my panniers, it made this trip actually possible and there is simply no way I could of flown normally with all this kit.

Eventually I got Lancet together and had a nice explore around town. A little weight shuffling again for the things I brought on the plane but overall manageable and what space is rather limited at tee moment will increase when I start burning through my supplies in the next few days.

While exploring Tromsø what struck me was how incredibly courteous to each other all road users are. Be they in cars, on bikes or pedestrians. No one is in a rush, everyone gives everyone masses of space and waves each other through. Being surrounded on the roads by so many polite and courteous road users is amazing. Cars will actively slow down nearing pedestrians who are on a pavement in case the step off, no one drives close to any other car, bikes are treated just like everyone else and given the same space and waving through. The attitude is something I’ve never seen anywhere, it’s a huge shame our road users at home aren’t a tenth of this.

By lunchtime the snow was coming in. I had noticed it on the webcam from Nordkapp a few hours before, but there was plenty down here still.

Once in the boat, Lancet got locked away and me and the squirrel decided to make camp in the comfy chairs in the bar an watching the Tour of Yorkshire…Today had been far smoother than the mess yesterday and long may it last!

Written on May 3rd, 2019 by Allan