Tour Divide – Muddy Road to Lima

Road to Lima

Moo Cows

Road to Lima

The road to Lima, muddy, slippy and the constant strong headwind made it quite a fight.

Thankfully my bike is working like a charm. Thank you James!
A MASSIVE thanks! Gold stars!

Don't show JamesSorry for how muddy it is. If you see this picture, promise  I’ll clean it soon!

We found a truckstop serving nourishing, home cooked food. The “burger veggie” soup was more nutritious than it sounded. It hit the spot. After eating probably more than 5000 calories a day when it’s cold, energy bars and nuts are just fuel.

Lima seemed a friendly, small town even though it seem to be a truckstop. Most road signs indicating the start of a town also noted the total population there. Lima has a population of 292 people even at such a remote location. We asked to use the hose at the RV Park to clean off some of the mud caked on the bikes. James will be happy to hear! We, now routinely, stopped at the petrol station to refill our supply of energy bars and nuts.

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Time to refuel




Written on June 20th, 2018 by Staff Minion