Tour Divide – Fleecer Mountain

Fleece Mountain

The thunderstorms have continued for the last couple of days and don’t look to be ending until Wednesday. They are really making progress slow and lowering the moral of many riders caught in them. Even the locals are saying they haven’t seen anything like it!  NEVER before!

Last night we returned to Butte to find a dry place to stay. This was over a 20-mile excursion but was needed to dry out and avoid the thunderstorms.

The names of the places around here are great. Granulated Mountain, Grassy Mountain, Big Hole to name a few.

The ride up Fleecer Pass, the big climb for the day, was really beautiful. It was like riding between boulders which looked as if they were made from Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut. I did have a lot of fun on the steep, gravel descent. It’s quite an art descending on a bike loaded with all your kit whilst also taking great care as any mechanical problems out here on the trip could take time to solve or, worst case, end it. Maybe I’ll get a place in the Keswick Bikes Downhill Team riding like this?!

Big Hole River looked like a river of coffee. Oh, I am thinking of food too much?! We made it to Wise River, a small village but popular for fly fishing and snow mobiles in the Winter. We stayed in the motel there for the night owned by a Scotsman and his American wife. We did some laundry and obviously had porridge for breakfast!  Corrine Leistikow, another rider, Alaskan,  joined us for dinner tonight. Only one more day of stormy weather and if the forecast is right, sunny weather here we come!

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Written on June 19th, 2018 by Staff Minion