Tour Divide – The Beginning

CanadaI never got a chance to test the bear spray as mentioned in my earlier post…Possibly not the best thing to use on the boys around here!

Time has just disappeared. My frantic buying for more last minute necessities  like water carriers continued right up to the start.

The start itself was a bit strange…very strange. Crazy Larry (Canadian cycling legend) was being just Crazy which made it all stranger than it already was. “If anyone sees a bear, let him know” we were all told, strange!

And off we all went. Fewer this year have entered according to many, as there has been more snow this year and still some left on some passes. Those going to break a record will be disadvantaged so many have sadly decided not to even enter. Only 161 of us started this year!

Something which is catching me out as I ride is how many broken trees and stumps look like bears! Haven’t seen a real bear yet but lots of imaginary ones made from the shapes in the woods.

My thoughts of bears were lost on the second day with a niggly knee pain. A new pain! So I tweaked my shoe cleats and lowered my saddle…we’ll see how this goes.

Lunch on the moveAfter Spray Lakes, I realised my bars and front roll bag makes a great table to eat on the move.

Day two wasn’t the beautiful sunny day which I’d been fortunate to have since I arrived in Canada and today was a hard push climbing Koko Claims Pass which took over 4 hours. I felt a bit wretched as I’ve gained a very snotty cold now which isn’t helping! But tonight I arrived in Fernie so it’s time to buy some remedies. My speed is slower than I expected with all this greasy mud.

The sunny spells then changed into rain. But my homemade waterproof, (fluorescent orange,) “happy gloves” are working wonders.
These mosquitoes! I know from Scottish midges that I must taste good and it seems they’ve tipped off their Canadian counterparts. I now have over 70 mosquito bikes on my back alone!
Tonight is a very wet camp. Soaked, bitten by mosquitoes and 107 miles and 3 passes from the next outpost of civilisation, I have cold but I’m quite sure I’ll sleep! Maybe I’ll make it to a hotel tomorrow for a recovery night and if in time, have the luxury of buying some cold remedies.
The record holder for this ride, Mike Hall, was already over 100 miles ahead of me by this stage. An incredible feat!
Keeping communications going is a bit problematic, why it has taken two days to get this post here. But tomorrow, hopefully I’ll arrive somewhere with signal and some time before bed after setting up camp. Maybe!
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Written on June 10th, 2018 by Staff Minion