Tour Divide – Arriving in Banff


I’ve arrived in Banff, two days before the start which I am very happy about as it’ll give me time to acclimatise, decide if I should have brought some items I chose to leave at home but now think I need and also sort out any issues after the flight.

When I opened the curtains this morning, I saw this view. Isn’t it amazing? At the moment I’m staying with friends, a lovely family who are very accommodating for the mess 6 of us are making with our bikes, kit, bike tinkering and in an atmosphere of apprehension!

Oh! When I opened my bike box and took out the front wheel, it looked like this. Not sure if you can see clearly, but the end cap is missing! I can’t see it in the box. Are there holes in the box? Where, where, where? Must calm down…


I rushed off to three local bike shops in search of a replacement. Everyone was so helpful but no success with the missing item. I have arranged to have a replacement couriered in or, if it doesn’t arrive on time, possibly file one down and make one fit.

At midnight, when greeting our last 2 friends on arrival from their trip from UK, I suddenly thought about the masses of packaging Dan (KMB Mechanic) had used to protect my bike. (He did this very calmly, carefully, tidily and very thoughtfully to keep my bike in one piece. He didn’t raise an eyebrow when I wanted a bike bringing back out of the box again and again as I wanted a bit more protection just there! It’s quite stressful waiting for your bike to be back in your possession after it’s own flight. The boxes usually have many holes and scrapes on them after rough handling and their journey.) Anyway, we hadn’t recycled all the packaging yet and for some reason I thought to look in the protective plastic pile. There it was! Thank goodness! Tomorrow I will return to the bike shop who couriered in the replacement to confess…I’ve already givem them beers as they were so helpful!

One of my worries was about tyre pressure while flying and about my tubeless setup. My tyres were perfect, still seated and only needed inflating a little. No Stans sealant anywhere to clean up which was a worry. Everything seemed great.

We needed to set up the bikes correctly, put all the kit bags on, fill the bags and check all was in good working order without any rattling around. I did decide I needed even more water carriers despite having the ability to carry 7litres. We were then going to learn more about bears and cougars… including a test of a bear spray!

We are all excited!

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Written on June 7th, 2018 by Staff Minion